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Ok this fandom paring thing is getting just out of hand and spilling over to a medium that it doesn’t need to be because far gone and yes entitled fans want their ship, it’s funny how I am getting pushed further away from a ship I only liked for fun and seeing people trying to change other peoples characters to fit what they think is true…no..just no I am embarrassed right now fully.

I normally don’t even say anything but THIS is actually getting ridiculous and forgetting this is a fake fandom pairing and I am seeing things that are making me just stare in awe at people behavior over a fandom pairing.

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I don’t know if this fan is on tumblr but if you are, let me just say you have my highest respect for getting Patrick to take a dorky picture with you, and then making him hold that dorky picture while he takes a dorkier picture with  you, and then making him hold the dorkier picture while you take yet another dorkier picture with him. I only have these two but I like to imagine it continued. I’d really like to open the m&g account one day and see Patrick holding a picture of himself holding the picture of himself holding the picture…